God Our Home | Hosanna Revival


God our Home is a 10-part Bible study on the Gospel of John for the one longing for a sense of rootedness that stretches beyond earthly security

God our Home is a Bible study on the gospel of John for the one who is feeling spiritually tender, untethered, and weary—a little lost in your walk with Jesus. If your sense of comfort and belonging in the family of God has dulled, these words are for you. 

God Our Home is an immersive study on John’s Gospel written by Katie Noble. Through a systematic and reflective reading of John, you will grow in your understanding and love of Jesus and the Scriptures. Over the span of 10 weeks, you will be reminded that the things you’re longing for are already yours as a child of God: belonging, security, provision, communion, purpose, and identity are yours in full. God built that home for you in himself, all we must do is walk through the door.